Affiliate Disclaimer

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) requires disclosure of any relationship that exists between one who endorses a product and the manufacturer or service provider of the product when writing a review about the product or service. The following represent the practices that Walton Search, LLC, doing business as, Shannon Corbett Myers (the “Company”), adheres to when posting a review to its website (the “Site”):

  • The Company is not paid to do reviews on any products or services posted on this Site;
  • If there are links to a product in any of the reviews or on the Site, a commission or compensation may be paid to the Company if you purchase the product using the link provided on the Site;
  • The Company will never write a review on a manufacturer’s product, nor will we promote a product, unless it believes the product can be beneficial to our users.

The Site’s opinions on or endorsements of a product are based on the Company’s professional judgment and are determined prior to any commission or compensation that may be received by the Company in connection with your purchase of a product.  And that compensation paid to the Company is at no cost to the visitors of this Site.

The FTC considers it important for the consumer to understand the relationship between the product reviewer and the manufacturer of the product.  For this reason, the Company makes the disclosures in this statement, as required by law.  

The Company acts only as the reviewer of certain products appearing on the Site and not the manufacturer or service provider of those products.