Content, Content, Content

Some say content is king but where do you get all of these ideas and content to share with your followers? Here are a few places to start. Some are content only services or tools, some are a mix of content and posting. Have other sites I should be sharing? Be sure to drop me a line and I'll add it to the list! Click on any website or image to be taken to the site.


I have PostPlanner listed here and under content creation. PostPlanner helps you find content ideas and post them to your social media channels. Very affordable, starts at $3 a month but bump up to the $9 a month for better features.


In Beta as of 1/18 but looks promising. Type in a word or phrases and they get an article started for you pulled from sources around the web. I would rewrite the content but a great way to get research and the ball rolling.


Ideas for posts, graphics and pre-filled content are just some of the things that are available with PromoRepublic. Great for ideas and to create nice visuals for social media as well as finding content quickly.


Adding this to both Competitor Research and Content pages because this free keyword analyzer is a great, easy to use, free tool from Neil Patel to search for the best keywords to create content and find someone or something online. Neil has a few other free tools for seo and some great content available through his website.