Recruiting and Sourcing

This list may get broken up if it gets extensive but being from the recruiting/sourcing community there are a number of tools that are useful here for not only recruiters and sourcers but sales and business professionals. Have a tool you think should be added, be sure to let us know!


This is the newest, latest and greatest for 2018. Find contacts and data super fast with this sourcing 'tual'. Free and paid versions available.

Social List

I have to say before I even tried it I knew Social List would be good based on one of it's main developers I have known for years well known sourcing expert, Irina Shamaeva. Social List pulls social list for recruiting, sales and marketing with highly targeted search agents they have developed.

ClearBit Connect

ClearBit has a number of tools for contact information and prospecting but their free tool ClearBit Connect is great for quickly finding emails.